Do Light Bars Work for Bowfishing?

Bowfishing is something that people of any age can enjoy and it is becoming more popular every year. But as you explore the world of bowfishing, you may be wondering; do light bars work for bowfishing?

LED light bars work for bowfishing. Any source of light will draw fish towards it, making it easier to catch them. However, if one is bowfishing in murky waters, the light will not be able to reach the fish as well as it would in clear waters, which will lead to fewer fish being caught.

While LED lights can certainly work for bowfishing, there is a bit more that goes into it. So below we’ll explore what type of light is best to use for bowfishing.

Why Use a Light Bar for Bowfishing?

People use light bars for bowfishing because light attracts fish. If you use a light bar while you are bowfishing, then fish will be attracted to your boat, and you will not have to wait as long as you normally would to catch a fish.

With normal fishing, people have to wait for a long time to catch a fish, whereas a light bar can cut out a lot of that waiting period.

Using a light bar will also attract larger fish. Water naturally is full of small, floating particles; many of these particles look very similar to food sources for the baitfish living in the water.

When light is shined underwater, the particles are lit up and the baitfish think they are food. They will swim toward the light, thus attracting larger fish who want to eat the baitfish.

Baitfish are also naturally attracted to light anyway, so even if they aren’t hungry, they will swim toward the light.

Bowfishing lights need to have at least 10,000 lumens of brightness in order to be seen through the water, especially if it is murky. Bowfishing lights typically have 100 lumens per watt.

Using a light bar while bowfishing allows you to go bowfishing during the day or night because you have enough light to catch fish at any time of day.

However, if you do go out on the water at night, you should always take someone with you. Even if you use a light bar and a lot of bowfishing experience, accidents can happen.

Go with a friend or family member, just in case something goes wrong and you need extra help.

What Light Is Best to Use While Bowfishing?

LED light bars are usually the best light bars to use while bowfishing. LED light bars are energy efficient, bright, and last for a long time, so the LED light bar is not likely to die suddenly while you are bowfishing like some other light bars may.

It works especially well in clear water.

While bowfishing, use an energy-efficient light bar that increases the water visibility.

This will ensure that you can see when a fish is swimming towards your boat.

This extra visibility will help you know when to fire your shot.

Clear Water

The best bowfishing light bars to use in clear water are light bars that are very bright and are a cool white color. LED light bars are great to use in clear water because of their brightness.

They also help make the water look clearer, so it is easier for you to see when a fish is swimming close to your boat.

Murky Water

Murky water is hard to go bowfishing in because the water clarity makes it nearly impossible to see when a fish is swimming close to your boat.

Light bars are great for helping with the clarity of the water, but you need the right kind of light bar to improve the clarity and visibility of the water.

If you use a light bar that you would use while bowfishing in clear water while you are bowfishing in murky water, you might not be able to see any fish.

The light from the light bar will reflect off of the water and blind you instead of attracting the fish.

The best bowfishing light bar to use in murky water is an LED light bar with a yellow or green lens. If you do not have a light bar with an attachable yellow or green lens, use an LED light bar with a warm white color.

It will increase the visibility of the murky water better than an LED light bar with a cool white color.

5 Best Bowfishing Lights

  1. Nilight LED Light Bar

The Nilight LED Light Bar comes in a variety of sizes, so you can get one that is meant for the size of your boat. It is rated 4 stars by consumers. However, they are typically meant to be used on the top of land vehicles, so they are not really waterproof, but this does not mean that they can’t be used on your bowfishing boat. It just means that you may not be able to put them directly into the water.

Nilight LED Light Bar 32 Inch 180W Spot Flood Combo LED Driving Lamp Roof Bumper Off Road Lights LED Work Light Led Pods for Trucks Pickup SUV ATV UTV Boat,2 Years Warranty
  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS: Powerful 180W LED light bar, high-quality Led chips and clear PC lens, super bright white light dispels darkness.
  • COMBO BEAM, CLEAR VIEW: Appropriate combination of spot beam and flood beam for wide spread and long distance illumination.
  • SIDE MOUNTING BRACKET: The sturdy bracket can firmly fix the light bar. Quakeproof when passing through rugged terrain.
  • WATERPROOF RATE: IP67; waterproof up to 3.3 feet of water for 30 minutes and effectively dustproof.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDE: 1PC 180W LED Light Bar and Mounting Brackets,2 Years Warranty by Nilight

2. LightFox LED Light Bar

The Lightfox LED Light Bar is a great light bar to use on your bowfishing boat. It is typically meant to be placed on top of large vehicles, but you definitely can attach this light bar to the side of your bowfishing boat. It just means that you may not be able to put this LED light bar directly into the water.

LIGHTFOX 40 Inch LED Light Bar with DT Connector-Lightfox 240W 30,192LM Dual Row Super Bright Off Road Driving Light, Stylish Two-Tone Design Combo Beam Light Bar for Truck Pickup Roof Bumper Mount
  • 【Vision Drive Tech】This 40inch light bar integrates curved and metalized reflectors to provide a smooth and clean 13° spot beam and 90° flood beam with dual row configuration to give you perfect visibility in any conditions.If you need more lighting at night, you may consider fitting out your vehicle with this 40-inch LED light bar with Vision Drive Tech.
  • 【Super Luminosity】The Lightfox 40-inch LED bar light powered by LEDs will give you a clearer vision to spot potential hazards with monstrous 30,192LM and 1Lux@694m to safeguard your off-road travling.
  • 【Optimally Engineered】Built-in circuit board protects the 40-inch light bar from flashing and reverse polarity, the special breather eliminates condensation in the light bar lens, and the integrated heat sinks with a large surface area provides more efficient transfer of heat, preventing decrease in light output & change in color, enables the dual row led light bar to have a 50,000-hour life span.
  • 【Tough Construction】This Lightfox 40” LED light bar comes with a diecast aluminum body coated with AkzoNobel powder to defy extreme UV exposure and corrosion. Upgraded strengthened PC lens and screwless front frame with UV resin for IP-68 protection, and forged iron brackets bring offroad light bar to withstand any rough conditions.
  • 【Versatility & Individuality】This Lightfox 40 inch LED bar light is not only ideal for activities including boating, fishing and camping, but also suited for a variety of off-road vehicles, particularly UTV’s front bumper. In addition, the impeccable two-tone design of the led light bar for truck makes your vehicle a real attention-grabber, and a 5-year warranty also serves as its quality assurance.

3. Ustellar LED Flood Light

The Ustellar LED Flood Light is a great light source to use on your bowfishing boat. It is waterproof, so you can put it directly into the water, unlike the lights previously mentioned.

Ustellar 3 Pack 80W LED Flood Lights Outdoor Bright 800W Equiv. 24000LM Security Light Outside Lamp IP66 Waterproof 5000K Daylight White Spot Light Exterior Floodlight Lighting for Yard Backyard House
  • 【Waterproof LED Lights with UL Listed Cord】Each light 80W (800W Equivalent) shines at 8000LM, 3 pack 80W floodlights total 24000LM. IP66 waterproof rating ensures that your led outdoor flood light won't give in to the elements. No matter the weather, the Ustellar LED floodlight can handle it.
  • 【Efficent Cooling & Long Lifespan】The Flood light fixture is designed with a fin type heat sink, which means it acts like a radiator to dissipate heat And extremely long life 50000 Hours to reduce re-lamp frequency. Save labor cost to replace bulbs with short lifespan
  • 【Super Bright Floodlights for Outside】Bright Flood lights can be used in backyard, yard, gardens, squares, factories, stadiums and other places
  • 【True Wattage Guaranteed】We promise 100% 80W true wattage with no exaggerated specs nor misleading data. Plus, enjoy the peace of mind for a 2 year warranty – we've got you covered! Contact us for a hassle-free and swift replacement. Note: No Plug. These floodlights need hard-wired.

4. Quans LED Flood Light

The Quans LED Flood Light is a great light source to use while bowfishing. It is waterproof, so you can put it directly into the water.

QUANS 10W 12V 24V DC AC LED Flood Light Lamp Floodlight Security Outdoor Waterproof Ultra Bright Black, 4PCS Warm White
  • QUANS 10W Ultra Bright Flood light, Warm White 3000-3500K Color temperature. Pack of 4 Units.
  • 12V 24V DC AC for Power or Battery, low-voltage, Wires (Red/Brown is +, Black/Blue is - ), Great for Battery Work light, Solar powered , Car Boat Lamp (DIY)
  • IP65 Waterproof Black Finish Well to Work in the Rain, Wire Length :15-20cm Without Plug.
  • Super Bright 800-900LM Real 10W Watt, Working Current 0.83A(12V) 0.42A(24V), Power Transformer is Required if from 110VAC
  • Equivalent 75W (if 12LM/W) halogen bulb, Energy saving, Low Power Consumption, Long Life expectancy, Maintenance Free, Save 85%!

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5. Lumenshooter B8 Bow Mounted Light Kit

The Lumenshooter B8 Bow Mounted Light Kit is the best light to mount on your bowfishing bow. It was rated 4.8 stars by consumers and ranges in price from $43-$329. The more expensive options have the entire kit, but you can find the light if you only need a replacement light.

LUMENSHOOTER LS350 Predator Light Kit, Red Green White Amber Hunting Flashlight with Scope Rail Mount, Max. 10 Hours Rechargeable Batteries for Hog Coyote Coon Varmint Rabbit Night Hunting
  • Hunting Flashlight with 4 LED Modules: GREEN, RED,AMBER and WHITE, which can be changed in seconds.
  • All in one hunting light kit. It has everything anyone would need to get into hog/predator hunting at night.
  • The scope light is very easy to operate. Rechargeable batteries last a very long time once fully charged.
  • The coyote light beam is amazing, due to the deep smooth reflector this light puts out a nice long beam with a decent amount of spill as well.
  • You get essentially 4 lights in one. White, Green, Red, and Amber. Plus 2 mounting options, 2 batteries, battery charger, and a dual control pressure switch.And it comes in a very nice plastic hard case with foam inserts.


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