FoxPro FX-7 Game Call Review


Whether you have been hunting predators or wild game for a long time or you have only heard of doing it, there is a good chance you have come across the name FoxPro.

FoxPro makes a wide variety of electronic game callers that are at the top of their class. Their FX-7 model might be the perfect compromise between budget and performance, as it can usually be had for right around $200.

This e-caller packs so many features into such a small package, and it really does perform.

Continue reading for an honest review of the FoxPro FX-7 caller and see how it can help you out with your hunting.

Specifications and Features

  • Sound Capacity: 300 sounds
  • Comes with 100 free sounds already downloaded
  • Dual amplified horn speakers; front horn does high-frequency sounds; back does lower frequency sounds
  • Able to be connected to two external speakers
  • FX-7 remote has a backlit display; shows battery indicator, volume, sound library
  • FoxBang technology instantly switches to a preset custom sound when it senses that your gun goes off; allows you to keep watching the field
  • FoxCast lets you use preset sequences that you can customize
  • USB port for adding sounds
  • Water-resistant design
  • 300-400 yard remote range
  • Takes (8) AA batteries
  • Made in the USA
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Access to more free sounds on FoxPro’s website

How to Use FoxPro FX-7

The FoxPro FX-7 is a very simple electronic caller to operate. Once all of the batteries have been put into the remote and the caller itself, all you need to do is switch the caller on and turn the remote on.

There are little switches on the caller for both the front and back internal horn speakers and these must be flipped on as well. Once this is done, the caller is ready to go.

You can place it up to 300 or 400 yards away from you and it will still be in range for the remote control. Now we can move on to the remote control operation.

The remote control is super intuitive and easy to use. Once you have switched the remote on, you will be shown the home screen of the remote, as shown below.

Now that you are on the homepage, you can press the up and down arrows on the remote to cycle through the various categories of sounds.

For this example, let’s say you want to go into the coyote vocals category. You click the “SOUND DN” button twice and then press “SELECT”. Once you do that, you will see this screen, as shown below.

Once you are to this point, all you have to do is simply press the “SOUND UP” and “SOUND DN” arrows until you get to the exact noise you want. Once you have that noise highlighted, simply press the select button and the FoxPro will begin to play it.

If you can’t hear it at first, try pressing the “VOL UP” button until it is at the appropriate volume. If it is too loud, obviously press the “VOL DN” button until it’s good. You can also press the “MUTE” button for instant silence. 

The “P1” and “P2” buttons are your presets. You can simply set those up by going to a sound, highlighting it, and then holding either the “P1” or “P2” button until it comes up with options.

All in all, this FoxPro FX-7 is very simple to operate, and after you have messed with it for 15 minutes or so, you should know how to operate every feature it contains.

In the Field

Many reviews do not take the product to where it actually needs to be tested: in the field. Having used the FoxPro FX-7 in the field, multiple times, with great success, this product is made to hunt.

Whether you are targeting coyotes, bears, mountain lions, fox, wolves, raccoons, snow geese, turkeys, or virtually any other game animals, the FoxPro FX-7 flat outperforms.

Speaking of which, always be sure to check out the laws regarding which animals may be hunted with electronic game callers in the area you are hunting in. 

On the typical hunt for any type of animal, but especially predators, it is important to get the call so it is upwind of you. This is because the predator will, in theory, come as close to the caller as it can before it is spooked away.

If the call was downwind of you, the predator would be walking right into your scent and would high-tail it out of that area. Once the call is upwind of you, you can begin whatever calling sequence you prefer and sit back and watch. 

This call has excellent volume and the horn speakers really do make a difference. The remote is very sensitive and the large, easy-to-use buttons make it a joy to work with.

The real-life range of the caller to the remote is slightly less than what FoxPro states, though, to be fair, I have never marked out the precise distance at which the caller will not respond to the remote. Regardless, the range is impressive for such a budget-friendly e-caller. 

The wide variety of sound options makes the FoxPro FX-7 excellent for the do-it-all outdoorsman and woman. From coyote pup vocalizations to snow geese feeding frenzies, there is a huge variety of sound options available for free on FoxPro’s free sound library. This call can be used on virtually anything, and it excels at it.

All in all, using the FX-7 in the field is a blast, as it has never had a problem once. It is such a great call for the average hunter at such a great price. Even more experienced hunters can use the FoxPro FX-7 and still feel like it is up to their standards, despite being a third of the price.

Let’s continue to the good and the bad features of this particular call.

The Good and the Bad



There are many factors that affect the amount of time that the FX-7 can run on one set of batteries. One of these factors is whether you have only one or both of the speakers going. Another factor that affects battery life is how loud you have the caller going.

Obviously, a screaming pitch will burn a lot more energy than a soft pitch. While I have never sat there with a timer paying attention to it, I’d say it would be pretty easy to expect around 10 hours of runtime for the caller on one set of batteries.


If you buy an electronic caller, you might worry about getting a junky one. There’s absolutely no need to worry about the FoxPro FX-7. This thing is built tough and can hunt rain or shine equally well.

The fit and finish on the FX-7 are great, and the camo really helps it to blend into a wide variety of surroundings and environments. The peace of mind you get with FoxPro’s 3-year warranty is also great!


Easily the most intriguing quality that this e-caller possesses is the amount of product you are getting for the price. A $200 price point for an electronic caller of this quality seems too good to be true.

Between all of the features such as FoxBang and FoxCast, as well as the dual amplified horn speakers, there is little room for improvement. FoxPro really put a lot of value into the FX-7.


Doesn’t Like the Wind

While the dual amplified horn speakers are great, in moderate winds they lag. Windy conditions are tough for any electronic caller, excluding the types of e-callers that have large external speakers.

I wouldn’t blame this on the FoxPro FX-7, because for being such a cheap call, it would be crazy if it did perform well in windy conditions.

Available Accessories

Many predator hunters know the value of a good decoy. Luckily for buyers of the FX-7, FoxPro makes the Fox Jack 4. This Fox Jack 4 comes with a bird on top of the antenna and connects onto the FX-7 caller.

The bird looks like a woodpecker and has a very quiet motor. This motor works by moving the Fox Jack 4 based on when you press the “AUX” button on your FX-7 remote control. You simply press “AUX” to turn it on and off on demand.

The excellent thing about the Fox Jack 4 is that it keeps predators’ eyes off of you and focused on the decoy.


The FoxPro FX-7 is an excellent value for anyone looking to get into predator hunting or anyone who wants an electronic caller that can be used for almost any animal. FoxPro really outdid themselves with this caller, and the price point is great for both beginners and advanced hunters alike.

If you combine this e-caller with the Fox Jack 4, you will increase the call’s effectiveness greatly. This setup will transform you into a better hunter overnight!


Colby has been involved in the outdoors for over 30 years. Part of his problem is that instead of focusing on one specific outdoor hobby he spreads his time over a multitude of outdoor adventures. This has provided him the opportunity to have varied experiences across a broad spectrum of outdoor activities. Jack Outdoors has provided him an outlet to share the things he has learned as well as his successes and failures.

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