Are Bushnell Banner Scopes Any Good? – 1.75-4×32 scope review

bushnell banner

Whether you are heading on a hunt and need some extra range or like to see things that are otherwise invisible, getting a good scope is something that can change the way you see the world.

A scope acts to make things that are further away seem much closer so you can see them better for hunting or recreational purposes.

Finding the right scope can often be tricky as there are so many options on the market ranging from mediocre to military-grade.

One of the options that suits the needs of nearly any hunter is the Bushnell Banner line of scopes. Each scope in this series has a specific function and niche to fill with the Banner 1.75-4×32 being their most well-rounded option available.

We want to highlight not only what makes this scope a great choice for most hunters, but we also want to look into the company that has worked so hard to create such a great scope for the price.

About Bushnell

For over 65 years, Bushnell has been the brand to beat when it comes to high-quality hunting optics for affordable prices.

They set out to provide high-quality and reliable optics at a price point that allowed more people to get outdoors and enjoy what it has to offer.

As they have grown and evolved into the company they are today, it is easy to say that they have succeeded in carrying out that vision.

Many of their optic products have been praised and awarded for their ability to combine performance and quality construction into one package.

They want the birdwatcher, the hunter, and the stargazer alike to all see exactly what they want so they can take in what nature has to offer in crystal clear quality.

Bushnell is constantly pushing the boundaries of what an optic can be as they add new technologies and innovations to every product line they release.

Their attention to detail and only releasing products they believe in has led them to be one of the most respected and loved optic manufacturers in the sporting world.

Bushnell Banner 1.75-4×32 Review

bushnell banner

With so much hype surrounding the Bushnell brand name, hunters everywhere anxiously awaited the arrival of their Banner Dusk & Dawn line of scopes.

This line was created to offer hunters the clearest vision of their targets any time of day. When you need a scope that is versatile enough to take down your prey in any conditions, the banner line is for you.

The 1.75-4×32 scope is going to be a good place for newer and more experienced hunters alike to start out when hunting. The range of the scope paired with a comfortable multi-x crosshair allows you to get eyes on target and line up a clean shot without having to overthink and hesitate.

What makes this line of scopes stand out in the Bushnell lineup is their combination of excellent performance at a lower price than many of the premium scope offerings.

You can get this scope on nearly any gun and use it with great accuracy for less than a hundred dollars. When you look at this price range from other manufacturers, you’ll be lucky to find anything that comes even close to the Banner package.

You have the flexibility to shoot when and how you want as this scope features the special Dusk and Dawn Brightness Multi-coated lens system.

This special coating is designed so that you are able to take this scope with you when you hunt before the sun rises and as it sets to take advantage of the scope’s power when the animals are likely to be stirring.


Multi-Coated Optics

bushnell banner

When you need to get a clear sight on target, the last thing you want to deal with is glare and blurry lenses to hinder your shot.

The Bushnell DDB multi-coated lenses are specifically designed to help shooters aim with the clarity and brightness they need to hit every shot with extreme accuracy and precision.

One-Piece Tube

bushnell banner

The one-piece tube design of the Banner scope series is a great feature to have as it improves overall accuracy of the scope alongside helping it last longer.

Having just a one-piece tube design means that you don’t have to worry about your scope letting air or moisture in to mess with your shot and sight acquisition.

Seeing a one-piece tube on a budget scope like this is something every hunter should be excited about.

Dry-nitrogen Filled

Dry-nitrogen may sound like some sci-fi gas that is used to make scopes better, but it is actually a rather simple way to ensure your scope works well in all conditions.

When you have a scope that is not specially treated with dry nitrogen, it is likely to accumulate moisture and will get foggy in certain conditions.

With a Bushnell scope that is treated using dry nitrogen like this Banner unit, the oxygen is removed from the scope entirely and replaced with dry nitrogen.

This new compound within the scope body is resistant to moisture and will not cause your scope to fog up when a non-treated scope normally would.

No more do you have to worry about losing sight of your target when the weather changes thanks to the dry nitrogen inside of the Banner line of scopes.

Windage and Elevation Adjustment

bushnell banner

Most budget range scopes come as is, so seeing this option with both a windage and elevation adjustment knob is a real treat.

If the wind starts to pick up in speed, the Bushnell Banner series also comes with a windage adjustment knob. Having the ability to adjust both the elevation and the windage on this scope allows you to get your shot right where you need it when hunting.

Fast-Focus Eyepiece

bushnell banner

Getting your shot down range fast and accurately has become a lot easier thanks to the addition of a fast-focus eye piece that is included with the Bushnell Banner.

What this tool allows you to do is give you the option to adjust the focus of your optic by simply tuning the dial on the eyepiece. You can have your sight looking clear and your shot ready to go much faster than you could with more complex focus systems.


  • Reputable and trusted brand name
  • Comfortable and easy to use reticle design
  • Many features usually found on higher-end optics
  • Plenty of adjustability for lining up shots


  • The reticle is not as advanced as some other units
  • Not ideal for taking on longer ranged targets

Is it Any Good?

bushnell banner

From their entry-level to multi-thousand dollar scopes, Bushnell has a deserved reputation of creating quality and effective optics. As far as the Bushnell Banner 1.75-4×32 goes, this could easily be one of if not the best budget hunting optics on the market.

I’ve extensively used this scope for hunting whitetail deer with a shotgun and have made clean shots up to 150 yards. It has been drug through the woods, abused, and knocked around and has never lost its zero.

The combination of a build quality and attention to detail that is rarely seen on such affordable options combined with many comfort features makes this scope a steal.

It thrives in a variety of conditions and has everything you need to get your shots where you want them. For being so effective yet so affordable, this scope isn’t just good, it could very well be the best for the price.


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