What is the Best Bowfishing Arrow – Here are the Top Choices!

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If you’ve stumbled upon this article and have wondered what bowfishing is, you’re not alone. While bows are normally used for hunting and archery, these days, they can also be used for catching the big one. Whether you are familiar with bowfishing or just starting out, keep reading.

We’re going to be reviewing the best bowfishing arrows that are currently on the market. Each of these arrows will serve the same purpose. However, they do have some differences compared to each other. But, which ones will serve you in the long run.

Before we get to the list, we’ll talk about what makes the best bowfishing arrows stand out among the rest. This will also give you a good idea of which arrow to choose from when the time comes to make a final decision.

Let’s dig a little deeper into bowfishing arrows and why they are really that important.

What Makes A Bowfishing Arrow Stand Out

Finding a bowfishing arrow might be a difficult task. But if you’re wondering how one stands out among the rest of the pack, you’re in luck.

Let’s take a look at some things to look for before making your final choice:

Sharp Tips and Heads

It’s clear that the tips will need to be sharp enough in order for you to get a good shot. The sharper the tips, the better the chance it will penetrate through your target fish. Especially when your targets are mostly fish of a much larger size.

Made from High-Quality Materials

Most bowfishing arrows are made from fiberglass. However, there are plenty of them made from carbon. As expected, you can see arrow heads and tips made from a combination of the two.

What you need to be aware of is that you’ll need to choose between one material or the other depending on the affordability of your budget. Most buyers will consider fiberglass as the better option if they are looking for the best they can afford.

Likewise, carbon arrowheads are slightly more expensive and are often on the higher end.


Continuing our discussion with affordability, it’s important to know what you can find on a set budget. Find the best that you can afford in terms of quality rather than go for something cheap that won’t last a long time.

6 Best Bowfishing Arrows

The following is a list of the seven best bowfishing arrows that are currently available. We’ll be describing each bowfishing arrow and provide you with some pros and cons. It will be up to you to determine whether or not if one of these bowfishing arrows is of best interest to you.

With that said, let’s get started:

Cajun Bowfishing Fiberglass and Carbon Fusion Arrows

The first on our list is the Cajun Bowfishing Fiberglass and Carbon Fusion Arrows. These are a fiberglass and carbon hybrid arrow that will definitely stay strong even when you are doing some serious bowfishing.

Not to mention, it’s a pretty reliable arrow that you can put to good use every time you set your sights on a fishing target and pull the trigger.

Once you have a fish caught, you can easily remove it no problem. After all, you’re not dealing with hooks or the like, so you won’t have to worry about getting poked or struggle with removing the fish. It’s also pretty easy to clean after you have finished using it.

It’s got the sharpness, the durability, and the longevity to be a reliable bowfishing arrow for a long time. If you want arrows that can really stand the test of time and multiple performances, there is no doubting what the Cajun Bowfishing Fiberglass and Carbon Fusion arrows can do.


  • Super strong durability
  • Sharp arrowheads
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to load into the bow
  • Affordable for most budgets


  • None

Pandarus Bowfishing Arrows

Next up, we have the Pandarus Bowfishing arrows. These include safety slides, which are very important so you don’t run into any unfortunate incidents during your bowfishing experience. You’ll want something that won’t slip out of place or deploy by complete accident (and misfirings do indeed happen).

The arrows are made from fiberglass and also nickel-plated stainless steel. So you have that durability in every arrow. They’ll be quite difficult to break so if you are looking for excellent durability, these arrows will definitely deliver on the promise.

You get a pack of six arrows, which is perfect for when you’ll need to catch multiple fish using a bow. Plus, you don’t need to rely on a single arrow in order to get the job done. Thankfully, they are easy to clean and are reusable.

You can even use these for archery practice if you want to practice your aim more. The better your accuracy is, the better your chances of success. If you want something that will be perfect for multiple purposes, there is no denying that these arrows will be perfect for you.


  • Super tough
  • Perfect for multiple purposes
  • Safety slide prevents deployment from misfirings
  • Excellent longevity time
  • Easy to load


  • Not suitable for bows 60 pounds or over
  • Some parts of the arrow may break compared to others
  • A few have said that the quality may not be what they expect

Muzzy Classic Fiberglass Bowfishing Arrow

Muzzy has been considered as one of the most reliable names when it comes to bowfishing arrows. So it comes as no surprise to experienced bowfishers that a set of Muzzy arrows would pop on the list. If you are new to bowfishing, this is the brand you might want to pay attention to.

So what is it about these arrows that stands out? For one, they are made from fiberglass. Predictably, they are quite durable and affordable.

This is one of the best choices if you are considering the idea of finding a budget option that truly won’t disappoint. Plus, they come in excellent eye catching colors like chartreuse.

If you want arrows that are tough, easy to find, and get the job done the second you deploy the arrow then you might want to consider the Muzzy Classic Fiberglass arrows to be a great choice.


  • Easy penetration for soft-flesh fish
  • Easy set up
  • Durable
  • Excellent choice for those on a budget
  • Perfect for carp fishing


  • Nock may need to be glued in place since it can easily come off

AMS A203 Fluorescent Fiberglass Arrows

Next, we’ll be looking at the AMS A203 Fluorescent Fiberglass Arrows. These are nice and bright so they can be easily visible when you are catching a fish in deep waters. So if you’re in a lake, then chances are you’ll be able to find the arrow when it’s at least 8 to 10 feet deep.

The inclusion of two hardened barbs, which will do great in terms of holding power. If you ever had problems in the past with struggling to keep your fish on the arrow while pulling it from the water, these arrows will put a stop to it.

With the Everglide Safety Slide, you can easily load up your arrow and be able to hold it in place without the chance of any accidental deployments from occurring.

If you are in the market for an arrow that is tough, can keep your target fish in place, and won’t give you any grief every single time you load it up in your bow of choice, the AMS A203 can’t be beaten.


  • Easily visible when deep underwater
  • Barbs are tough enough to keep the fish in place
  • Easy to load
  • Strong durability
  • Reasonably affordable


  • None

TRUGLO Fiberglass Speed-Shot Arrow

Next up, we’ll be taking a look at the TRUGLO Fiberglass Speed-Shot Arrow. There’s a good chance you’ll love putting these arrows to good use because of its ultra-brightness. Not to mention, the heads are pretty sharp so you will have no trouble with penetrating through so many fish.

The tips are hardened with stainless steel and are easy to clean once you have finished up for the day. The durability of the entire arrow is quite solid. So if you are looking for arrows that will last you a long time, then look no further than these bad boys.

The ultra-slim nock that is included will ensure that you get the best possible accuracy so the arrow lands dead on. You may notice the difference in accuracy compared to some of the other arrows you have used in the past (assuming that you have some bowfishing experience). They are sharp, dependable, and easy to retrieve.

The TRUGLO Fiberglass Speed-Shot will definitely be worth every penny if and when you need a good set of reliable arrows for bowfishing.


  • Easy to retrieve
  • Sharp arrowheads
  • Easy to load and deploy
  • Excellent durability
  • Affordable for most budgets


  • Nock may need to be super glued in place to keep hold
  • Cleaning may be a challenge at first
  • Holding power could be slightly better

E5e10 Bow Fishing Arrows

If you are looking for arrows that will give you replacement arrow tips just in case you need them, well you’ll get exactly that with the E5e10 Bow-Fishing Arrows. These are measured at 35 inches in length, one of the longest arrows that are available on the market.

The shaft is made from solid fiberglass, which is quite strong and durable. So they don’t easily break unlike some bowfishing arrows. These are constructed so you are able to quickly release the arrow and hit your fishing targets dead on.

The cyclone design on the arrow tip is definitely worth nothing considering that it can provide excellent penetration like no other. Plus, the holding power is quite strong especially if you are dealing with larger fish. This is the perfect bowfishing arrow for fish in most sizes.

Once again, these arrows are great for multiple purposes. You can practice your archery skills so you can be able to be more accurate in your shots each and every time. If you want to use arrows for more than one purposes, these just might be what you need.


  • Excellent durability
  • Cyclone design provides excellent penetration
  • Great for multiple purposes
  • Easy to load
  • Nock provides you with plenty of accurate shooting


  • May not handle a lot of weight as some expect

Buyer’s Guide

If you are having trouble with choosing the right bowfishing arrows, then this buyer’s guide will definitely come in handy. We’ll be taking a look at some things you should consider before purchasing and answer a few frequently asked questions. Let’s start with the considerations:

Things To Consider Before Buying


As mentioned earlier, price is usually important to those who are looking for bowfishing arrows on a budget. You’ll need to find arrows that are the best in quality but at an affordable price. You should not sacrifice quality just to save a few dollars (but rather find the best quality that you can afford).

Fiberglass, carbon, or hybrid

While we have three different materials to choose from, it usually comes down to personal preference. All three are quite durable, but it all comes down to affordability.

If you are looking for something that will give you good durability that lasts you in the long term without having to spend too much, fiberglass might be good enough for you.

If you are looking for something higher end, carbon might be a good choice. Hybrid is a pretty good happy medium if you are willing to afford it (and they are really not that expensive).

Again, personal preference and what you want in terms of durability and longevity will probably be the deciding factors.

Should you install them yourself?

Most bowfishing arrows will already be installed. Others will have arrowheads separated from the shafts. And that can mean installing them yourself.

If you have super glue and want to put in the work, you can be able to install them yourself (especially if the arrow heads and shafts are bought separately). If you are looking for affordable options, get the bowfishing arrows that are already installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about bowfishing arrows (and bowfishing in general). Use this section as a guide so you are able to get a good understanding of bowfishing arrows and how they work. Here are the following questions:

Can I bowfish with my hunting bow?

Technically, you can. You can use almost any bow like a compound bow, longbow, or even a recurved bow for all of your bowfishing needs. As long as you have arrows, a bow, and a reel you should be good to go.

For more information on this particular topic, check on this article on how to set up a hunting bow for bowfishing.

Can you bowfish with a crossbow?

Short answer: yes. However, it’s important that you have your gear handy including arrows, lines, bolts, and more. Also, you’ll need to find out if the laws in your jurisdiction will allow bowfishing. Some will allow it while others may prohibit it for one reason or another.

Where do you aim when bowfishing?

The best place to hit a fish when bowfishing is the broadest/thickest part. You want the arrow itself to securely anchor itself so you don’t lose the fish in general. In other words, the midsection of the fish will likely be your best option.

In addition, you will find yourself aiming low (below the fish) when you are bowfishing. Due to refraction, you will need to factor in the depth of the fish in the water as you aim for your target. Over time, this will become more natural and you will be able to instinctively make your shots.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best bowfishing arrows, the seven listed above should be a good starting point. Bowfishing might be the best thing to do if you’re up for a challenge. And it might be way better than the rod and reel style of fishing.

It’s legal to do if you are fishing non-game fish. Plus, it will take a lot of time, patience, and practice before you are actually successful with it. The stronger and sharper your arrows are for bowfishing, the better your chances will be.


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