Are Tracker Grizzly Boats Any Good?

Tracker Grizzly

The market for boats offers a seemingly endless amount of options which can seem daunting for any potential buyer.

If you are interested in hunting and fishing, you may consider the Tracker Grizzly boat.

Tracker Grizzly boats are known to be a great option considering their durability and affordability. Customers have 7 different options to choose from with lengths ranging from 16-25 feet long. Their flat bottomed shape is ideal for fishing in shallow, calm waters.

With the variety of Grizzly models, you can find which one best suits your fishing and hunting needs.


Each grizzly model is considered a Jon Boat, meaning that the bottom of the boat is completely flat with a 7-degree deadrise.

This makes the vessel perfect for navigating shallow waters that might contain reeds and thick mud.

The seven different models of the grizzly boats are designed with different purposes in mind, although there are some similarities between each vessel.

Their hulls are completely welded out of aluminum, which is a lightweight and non-rusting metal.

Some of the higher-end models, such as the Grizzly 1860 CC (center console) and Grizzly 2072 CC are created with a marine alloy.

This material is an amalgamation of different metals along with aluminum which makes the hull more resistant to corrosion.

As the name suggests, these are better for fishing in areas with saltwater and mixed fresh and saltwater.

Each of the interior sidewalls is designed with a foam filling to reduce the amount of water that enters the boat.

It also serves as an extra method of flotation for the vessel.

To top it all off, each Grizzly boat is coated with a powder-green finish with the option of grassland or woodland camo patterns on select models.

Each of the models have different length, beam, and person capacity levels.

Model1648 Jon1754 Jon1648 SC1754 SC1860 CC2072 CC1654 T Sportsman
Beam 6′6’6″6′6’6″7′8’3″6’6″
Capacity4 persons6 persons4 persons5 persons7 persons9 persons4 persons

The Jon models are the most basic, economical model of the Grizzly boats.

They have no motors and hold the least amount of weight.

They are a good option for those that are looking for a boat that fits the needs of a smaller budget or who are just taking the first step to becoming a boat owner.

The SC models, also known as side consoles, are a step up from the Jon models and include a Mercury Fourstroke engine, although customers have the option to buy a more powerful motor for an extra cost.

The side console provides more of a comfortable navigating experience since the boat’s wheel is on the side of the boat, which replicates how it feels when driving a car.

The CC models, also known as center consoles, are the highest-end Grizzly boat.

They have more gear and a higher passenger capacity than any of the other models.

The center console gives a lot of room for those who would like to fish off of the vessel.

These are the most high-end of the Grizzly boats and they can take on the most horsepower.

The 1654 T Sportsman was designed specifically for bow fishing and duck hunting.

It has a Mod V shape and lots of room for storing fish and waterfowl.

It has many locked compartments meant to store bows, guns, and fishing gear.

Each boat comes at a varying price.

The most basic boat is $4,995 and the most high-end boat is approximately $27,295, as of this writing.

Of course, it is important to consider if you are wanting to add customize designs, which will increase the price of the boat.

Pre-assembled vs. Build Your Own

According to a sales associate at White River Marine Group, the best way to get a boat that meets your needs is by building your own boat.

It gives the vessel a more customized feel and is designed to meet the needs of the customer.

Customers are able to choose the finish of their Jon boat, as well as the custom matched trailer, and motors.

The finishes include forest green, woodland camo, or grassland camo.

Choosing a certain finish is important to try to match the vegetation surrounding the body of water.

This is why it is convenient to design your own boat so that you can try to camouflage into your favorite fishing and hunting spots.

When choosing a custom trailer, the options include a tandem-axel with two brakes, one break, or a 17′ single-axel.

Each of these trailers varies depending on which Grizzly boat is being customized.

There are a variety of motors that one can choose from when customizing the boat, such as the Mercury, EL, or ELPT four-stroke motors.

Buying a boat preassembled from a dealer is also a great option.

It may not give the most freedom to customize, but it is a quicker and less expensive way to purchase a boat.

Other Tracker Boats

Tracker boats are not only limited to Grizzly boats.

The company also creates Mod V and Deep V boats. These are great options if you are looking to buy a boat that can withstand bigger and rougher waters.

The Mod V boats were designed to take on choppier waters in comparison to the Jon boats.

Their angled hulls can take on rougher water and more horsepower.

These boats come with a more expensive price tag but are guaranteed to have smooth sailing.

The Deep V boats were made to take on the roughest waters of all the Tracker boats.

The Deep V boats also have the most bells and whistles in comparison to the Jon and Mod V shaped boats.

They can take on the most horsepower out of all the other Tracker brand boats, ranging from 40 to 225 at max.

They also come with a trolling motor, which is essential when it comes to fishing.

This allows the boat to stay in one spot without deploying an anchor.

The Deep V Guide V-16 also was named as one of the top ten fishing boats under $10,000 due to its overall length, beam, and deadrise (

If you’re considering purchasing a boat, Tracker Boat company has many options for you to choose from whether you are sailing calm, choppy, or rough waters.

To learn more information about the Tracker Grizzly boats, you can use to see what best fits your needs.


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